IACAPAP Challenge Grant


The project is called the 'IACAPAP Challenge Grant'. The mission of IACAPAP is to advocate for the promotion of mental health and the development of children and adolescents through policy, practice, and research. We are particularly dedicated to developing initiatives for providing emotional support for children and their families living in areas affected by disasters and war. The grant is aimed at raising funds that will support these initiatives, as well as other programs, initiatives, activities and events organised by IACAPAP. 

The challenge grant was initiated with an idea from Prof Myron Belfer, who is the Honorary President of IACAPAP (International Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions). Prof Belfer has generously pledged to contribute and match the total donations collected towards this grant. 

Although we have set a flexible goal for our fundraising campaign, we have a clear target of raising 22,000 Euro. Every contribution counts towards achieving this goal. It's a significant amount, but we believe that we can reach this amount.  


Virtual Supporter

1.Hesham Hamoda, United States
2.Liu Jing, China

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For more information, please contact us at info@iacapap.org.