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Please find below a curated list of resources and tools related to Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) available on WHO's web pages: 

  • List of resources & tools related to CAMH: Explore a comprehensive collection of resources and tools covering various aspects of child and adolescent mental health, including assessment tools, guidelines, reports, and more.
  • List of WHO initiatives related to CAMH: Learn about WHO's ongoing initiatives and programs focused on promoting child and adolescent mental health globally.  

We are committed to updating this list regularly to ensure access to the latest resources and initiatives. Additionally, stay tuned for upcoming publications, which we will share as soon as they are released. 

WHO URL: https://www.who.int

1.ReportNew report highlights neglected health needs of children with developmental disabilitiesLink
2ActivitiesImproving the mental and brain health of children and adolescentsLink
3World Health & Substance UseUNICEF and WHO Joint Programme on Mental Health and Psychosocial Well-being and Development of Children and AdolescentsLink
WHO-UNICEF Helping Adolescents Thrive InitiativeLink
Training for caregivers of children with developmental disabilities, including autismLink
4.NewsWHO issues new and updated recommendations on treatment of mental, neurological and substance use conditionsLink

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WHO eLearning Caregiver Skills Training (CST) for Families of Children with Developmental Delays or Disabilities

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