International Study Groups

The IACAPAP organizes study groups all over the world with an emphasis on locating them in resource-poor regions of the world.The study groups’ aim is to be a forum for the discussion of clinical aspects of child and adolescent psychiatry and behavioural sciences in order to improve ”clinical thinking” and to inspire the participants to do preventive work in their home countries.

1972Bled, Yugoslavia
1973Dakar, Senegal
1974Philadelphia, USA
1976Jerusalem, Israel
1977Ahmedabad, India
1978Melbourne, Australia
1980Gällöfsta, Sweden
1981Ibadan, Nigeria
1988Kyoto, Japan
1992Budapest, Hungary
2007Nairobi, Kenya
2008Vilnius, Lithuania
2009Abuja, Nigeria


IACAPAP was also supportive of the EMACAPAP study groups in:

2007Alexandria, Egypt
2008Beirut, Lebanon