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The IACAPAP e-Textbook on Child and Adolescent Mental Health is a globally curated textbook conceived and developed by a child psychiatrist, Professor Joseph M Rey. The book has an open structure; new chapters to deal with important clinical or service areas are added to the updated yearly editions resulting in a book that is a live, evolving object that has become increasingly comprehensive over time.

The current edition is the version 1.0 of the IACAPAP e-Textbook. We are now seeking an editorial team to lead the development of the version 2.0 of the e-Textbook.

Editorial role

Being a member of the Editorial Board is an unpaid role, but we do not anticipate it taking up more than a few hours each week. We will always respect times when editorial members are unavailable.

The Editor in Chief is responsible for planning and upkeeping the e-textbook on the basis of the quality of content presented and the suitability of the subject matter. The Editorial Board members report to the Editor in Chief. It is a volunteer position.

Editorial Board Member Expectations:

  • Serve a 2-year term on the e-textbook’s Editorial Board.
  • Assist Editor in Chief with assessment and reviewing of e-textbook chapter.
  • Liaise with chapter author for content update.
  • Provide feedback, insight and recommendation as to how to improve the quality and impact of the e-textbook.
  • Proposing themes for an additional chapter.
  • Coordinate with the associate editor for the translated chapter in other languages.
  • Participate in an annual Editorial Board meeting through organised conference-call meetings.


Submitting your Application

If you are interested in joining the Editorial Board, please send your CV and cover letter to: For further information on the IACAPAP e-textbook, please visit our website

We will consider your application on the following criteria:
1) Will your qualifications help the editorial direction of the e-textbook?
2) Do you have any journal editing/publishing experience?

The deadline for nomination is February 15, 2022. The appointment will be made in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Your application will be considered by the IACAPAP Executive Committee.

In return for your involvement in the e-textbook, we will include your name and affiliation in the editorial team listing in the e-textbook.