MOOC 2023

FUN MOOC: Essentials of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Across the World

We are excited to announce that the MOOC 2023 is open for registration now!

MOOC has been designed to meet the basic educational needs of people interested in child and adolescent mental health such as nurses, community health workers, teachers, general practitioners, medical students, adult psychiatrists, and parents. The main disorders (depression, autism, attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder, etc.) are tackled, like more general topics (development, the psychiatric interview, treatments, etc.)


–From January 27, 2023 to June 5, 2023


–From May 1, 2023 to June 12, 2023




   Duration: 5 weeks | 20 hours


No specific skills or knowledge is required to follow this course. It is open to all those who have, for professional or other reasons, an interest in the mental health problems that can be encountered by children and adolescents.

What you will learn?

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand what is behind the so often frightening concept of “child and adolescent psychiatric disorder".

Assessment and certification

Each chapter is followed by a quiz and an exercises (fill in the blank). They will allow you to assess knowledge acquired.

Peer-corrected open questions : in the last two weeks, participants will have to produce documents analysed by others participants.

To obtain certification, participants must obtain a note over 60/100. Quizzes are for 40, Exercises for 40, Peer assessments for 20.

If you wish to participate in live session and obtain a certificate, you need to enrol on . This will allow you access to a forum and to evaluate (quizzes, peer-reviewed questions etc.).

Prepared by IACAPAP (Date: 7-Feb-2023)