IACAPAP Medal Recipients at the 21st World Congress


The IACAPAP medal was created by a former IACAPAP President Irving Philips to honour persons, irrespective of their profession and position, for their achievement and engagement in relation to the major aims of IACAPAP:

To advocate for the promotion of mental health and development of children and adolescents through policy, practice and research. To promote the study, treatment, care and prevention of mental and emotional disorders and disabilities involving children, adolescents and their families through collaboration among the professions of child and adolescent psychiatry, psychology, social work, paediatrics, public health, nursing, education, social sciences and other relevant disciplines’.

IACAPAP Medals, 2014

Congratulations to the 2014 IACAPAP medal awardees:

  • Andres Martin
  • Joaquin Fuentes
  • Suzanne “Suzie” Dean
  • Per-Anders Rydelius
  • Yi Zheng

Statement for the 2014 IACAPAP Medal Awardees

Andres Martin

IACAPAP honors Dr Andres Martin of New Haven, who has been an untiring leader and inspiration for the Donald J Cohen Fellowship Program since it started in 2004.  In spirit, in intellectual leadership, and in mentoring a decade’s collection of promising young professionals, Andres has ensured and enduring legacy.

Joaquin Fuentes

IACAPAP honors Dr Joaquin Fuentes of San Sebastian, Spain who with Andres Martin has led and inspired the Donald J Cohen Fellowship Program.  Untiring, infinitely approachable, an amazingly effective advocate for philanthropy, Joaquin has been the essential facilitator and the untiring role model for a generation of young CAMH professionals.

Suzanne “Suzie” Dean

IACAPAP honors Dr. Suzanne “Suzie” Dean of Melbourne, who  took on the unexpected role of co-convener of the 2004 Melbourne Congress and was central to its success, has represented and spoken for the allied professions within IACAPAP and provided invaluable support for IACAPAP through the development of Handbook for the conduct of future congresses. Dr. Dean has been an outspoken advocate for the aboriginal people of Australia and for indigenous peoples in all countries.

Per-Anders Rydelius

IACAPAP honors Dr. Per-Anders Rydelius of Stockholm.  In two generations of leadership in IACAPAP, Dr. Rydelius has led, has taught, has networked, has held high the light of commitment to improving the lives of children worldwide.  Ready to travel anywhere, always appreciated as a teacher, essential to the work of the IACAPAP Bureau, Dr. Rydelius has been critical to the success of IACAPAP since the 1970s.

Yi Zheng

IACAPAP honors Dr. Yi Zheng of Beijing.  Over three decades of commitment to children and their well-being, Dr. Yi has fostered the development of child and adolescent mental health in China.  He organized and oversaw every detail of highly successful 2010 Beijing Congress.  He has been an effective advocate throughout the Asian region.