IACAPAP 2nd Lunch & Learn Webinar

IACAPAP 2nd Lunch & Learn Webinar

Monday, November 15
12.00 PM – 12.45 PM EDT | 6.00 PM – 6.45 PM CET

Childhood Anxiety and Parent-Based Treatment
One in three children experiences a clinically impairing anxiety disorder during their development, making anxiety the most common mental health concern among youth. Parents become entangled in their children’s anxiety symptoms through the process of family accommodation. This talk will introduce SPACE, a novel parent-based treatment for childhood and adolescent anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder focused on increasing supportive responses by parents and reducing family accommodation. For information about SPACE visit: www.spacetreatment.net


Eli R Lebowitz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in the Child Study Center
Yale School of Medicine, United States

Professor Lebowitz studies and treats childhood and adolescent anxiety at the Yale Child Study Center. His research focuses on the development, neurobiology, and treatment of anxiety and related disorders, with special emphasis on family dynamics and the role of parents in these problems. Dr. Lebowitz is the lead investigator on multiple funded research projects, and is the author of research papers, books and chapters on childhood and adolescent anxiety. He is also the father of three great boys.

Eli R. Lebowitz, Ph.D.

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