Application deadline for the Donald J. Cohen Fellowship is February 1, 2014

Interested candidates should submit their applications no later than February 1st, 2014 in order to be considered by the Selection Committee.

Full details about the Fellowship and benefits of being recognized as a recipient are located at and at

Background: The purpose of these fellowships is to foster the professional development of emerging leaders in child and adolescent psychiatry throughout the world. We understand ‘leadership’ in its broadest context – whereas some countries may benefit most from advancing their scientific and research development forward, others will from effecting organizational change in their paediatric mental health infrastructures, and yet others from enhancing the education and training of a new cadre of specialists.

The training program includes:

  1. Daily small group meetings with leading experts serving as mentors
  2. Special seminars
  3. Social activities
  4. Free registration fee for the general sessions
  5. Accommodation in Durban
  6. Individualized partial support of traveling expenditures to South Africa