A New Resource In Spanish

By Flora de la Barra Mac Donald

The third Edition of the Textbook of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology in Spanish has been published in Chile.

The first two editions have proved to be very useful and have reached a wide audience of Spanish speakers including mental health professionals, other professionals working with children and adolescents, as well as members of the lay community interested to know more about the topic.
As was the case in the previous editions, the editors are Professors Dr Carlos Almonte and Psychologist María Elena Montt, who had invited authors from around the world to contribute to the 75 chapters of this book.

Within a developmental psychopathology framework, this book integrates new research findings in neuroscience, neuroimaging and molecular genetics to the understanding of normal development, psychopathology and resilience throughout the lifespan. The areas of prevention, mental health promotion and treatment of psychiatric disorders are discussed.

To learn more about the book, follow this link : https://mediterraneo.cl/products/psicopatologia-infantil-y-de-la-adolescencia-3-ra-edicion