MOOC Coordinator

Bruno Falissard MD, PhD

After some initial training in mathematics and fundamental physics (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris), Bruno Falissard engaged in medical studies and specialized in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 1991. His PhD was in biostatistics and his post-doc in psychometrics and exploratory multidimensional methods.


He was an assistant professor in child and adolescent psychiatry in 1996-1997, an associate professor in Public Health in 1997-2002 and a full professor in Public Health from 2002. He is at the head of the Master in Public Health of South-Paris University and at the head of the “Center of Epidemiology and Population Health” (400 members).


He is a co-author of about 400 papers and the author of 4 books. He has clinical activity in child and adolescent psychiatry. His personal areas of research are about methodology and epistemology of mental health research. In 2015-2018 he was the President of IACAPAP and was Past-President from 2018-2022. He is also a member of the French Academy of Medicine.