International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions

Young, Early and Aspiring Child Mental Health Professionals

Young, Early and Aspiring Child Mental Health Professionals (YEAH for IACAPAP) aims to complement existing IACAPAP activities and initiatives, and to provide a largely online-based platform that would allow early career and trainee child and adolescent psychiatrists and allied professionals to network on a continuous basis, share ideas and experiences and build a foundation for stronger professional networks of cooperation into the future.

The establishment of this YEAH aims to boost professional/educational growth and collaboration among young IACAPAP members, with the following objectives:

  1. Providing a scientific and academic backbone for young IACAPAP members
  2. Providing a common platform to collaborate on clinical and research interests
  3. Actively engaging and attracting young colleagues the world over to a hub where they can learn, exchange ideas and explore scientific frontiers with their peers
  4. Providing a solid academic platform that can benefit from the mentorship of a global pool of teachers and experts
  5. Attracting funding, support and grants for international collaborative projects by young IACAPAP researchers
  6. Seeking to create competitive opportunities for research fellowships and/or mentorship for young IACAPAP members for professional development and cross-cultural learning and experiences

Jibril Abdulmalik (Nigeria)
Norbert Skokauskas (Ireland)
Daniel Fung, Secretary-General