New Appointment

Liu Jing

Dr Jing Liu graduated from Beijing Medical University (Peking University Health Science Center) in 1987 and has been a child and adolescent psychiatrist for 30 years in the Peking University Mental Health Institute and Six Hospital. Now she is professor and director of the Mental Health Center for Children, Peking University Institute of Mental Health and Sixth Hospital. She is also vice president of the Asian Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professionals and the president or vice president of ten Chinese professional associations for child and adolescent mental health or mental health. She engages in clinical services for children and adolescents with mental disorders. She tries to promote professional training and communication, and cooperation among different disciplines related to child and adolescent mental health. Her researches mainly focus on autism, mood disorder and schizophrenia in children and adolescents and published about 100 academic papers and more than 30 academic books or guidelines.


As the presidential fellow for global fundraising of IACAPAP, Dr Jing Liu hopes the public understand IACAPAP’s mission and ongoing projects and help IACAPAP realize its vision promoting the mental health of children and adolescents around the world.