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IACAPAP Textbook of Child and Adolescent Mental Health

IACAPAP textbook

“A work that rivals standard textbooks in scope; takes full advantage of its online format to include an array of color pictures, graphics, and video links; and gives voice to a medley of specialists, patients, and commentators from Amsterdam to Ankara, Beijing to Berlin…”

Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

“Each chapter is scholarly written, clinically oriented and of immense relevance to the practice of child and adolescent mental health… Some striking features set this work apart from traditional textbooks.”

Australasian Psychiatry

Rey JM (editor). IACAPAP e-Textbook of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.  Geneva. International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions 2012.

Table of Contents   Table of Contents, Contributors, Foreword, Preface, Member Organizations, IACAPAP Officers (640 KB PDF)
Ethics Chapter

A.1 Ethics and international child and adolescent psychiatry (1060 KB PDF)
Adrian Sondheimer & Joseph M Rey

A.2 Normal development: infancy, childhood and adolescence (852 KB PDF)
Nancy G Guerra, Ariel A Williamson & Beatriz Lucas-Molina

A.3 Clinical models for child and adolescent behavioral, emotional and social problems (711 KB PDF)
Thomas M Achenbach & David M Ndetei

A.4 The clinical assessment of infants, preschoolers and their families (427 KB PDF)
Sarah Mares & Ana Soledade Graeff-Martins

A.5 The clinical examination of children, adolescents and their families (640 KB PDF)
Thomas Lempp, Daleen de Lange, Daniel Radeloff & Christian Bachmann

A.6 Evidence-based practice in child and adolescent mental health (1824 KB PDF)
John D Hamilton & Füsun Çuhadaroğlu-Çetin

A.7 Principles in using psychotropic medication in children and adolescents (610 KB PDF)
Benedetto Vitiello

A.8 e-Therapy – Using Computer and Mobile Technologies in Treatment (707 KB PDF)
Karolina Stasiak & Sally Merry

A.9 DSM-5 – Major changes for child and adolescent disorders (509 KB PDF)
Julia D Machado, Arthur Caye, Paul J Frick & Luis A Rohde

A.10 Case formulation and integration of information in child and adolescent mental health (634 KB PDF)
Schuyler W Henderson & Andrés Martin

A.11 Diagnosis and treatment planning in child and adolescent mental health problems (512 KB PDF)
Barry Nurcombe

Perinatal and Early Childhood Risk
Associate Editors: Sarah Mares & Louise Newman

B.1 Early maltreatment and exposure to violence (507 KB PDF)
Susan M K Tan, Norazlin Kamal Nor, Loh Sit Fong, Suzaily Wahab, Sheila Marimuthu & Chan Lai Fong

B.2 Failure to thrive or weight faltering in a primary health care setting (824 KB PDF)
Astrid Berg

Intellectual Disability Chapter
Associate Editor: Jing Liu

C.1 Intellectual Disability (965 KB PDF)
Xiaoyan Ke & Jing Liu

C.2 Autism spectrum disorders (1 MB PDF)
Joaquín Fuentes, Muideen Bakare, Kerim Munir, Patricia Aguayo, Naoufel Gaddour & Özgür Öner

FRENCH VERSION “Troubles du spectre autistique
Editor: David Cohen. Translated by A. Rio And D. Perisse

C.3 School underachievement and specific learning difficulties (912 KB PDF)
Sonali Nag & Margaret J Snowling

C.4 Enuresis (658 KB PDF)
Alexander von Gontard

C.5 Encopresis (327 KB PDF)
Alexander von Gontard

ADHD Chapter
Associate Editor: Florian Daniel Zepf

D.1 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (1353 KB PDF)
Tais S Moriyama, Aline J M Cho, Rachel E Verin, Joaquín Fuentes & Guilherme V Polanczyk

D.2 Oppositional defiant disorder (469 KB PDF)
Katie Quy & Argyris Stringaris

D.3 Conduct disorder (654 KB PDF)
Stephen Scott

Depression Chapter
Associate Editor: Garry Walter

E.1 Depression in children and adolescents (1530 KB PDF)
Joseph M Rey, Tolulope T Bella-Awusah & Jing Liu

E.2 Bipolar disorder (724 KB PDF)
Rasim Somer Diler & Boris Birmaher

E.3 Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (409 KB PDF)
Florian D Zepf & Martin Holtman

FRENCH VERSION “Trouble perturbateur de la regulation emotionelle
Editor: David Cohen. Translated by X. Benarous

E.4 Suicide and self-harming behavior (844 KB PDF)
Thomas Jans, Yesim Taneli & Andreas Warnke

Anxiety Chapter
Associate Editors: Ana Figueroa & Cesar Soutullo

F.1 Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents: nature, development, treatment and prevention (632 KB PDF)
Ronald M Rapee

F.2 Separation anxiety (1835 KB PDF)
Ana Figueroa, Cesar Soutullo, Yoshiro Ono & Kazuhiko Saito

F.3 Obsessive compulsive disorder in children and adolescents (467 KB PDF)
Pedro Gomes de Alvarenga, Rosana Savio Mastrorosa & Maria Conceição do Rosário

F.4 Acute and chronic reactions to trauma in children and adolescents (699 KB PDF)
Eric Bui, Bonnie Ohye, Sophie Palitz, Bertrand Olliac, Nelly Goutaudier, Jean-Philippe Raynaud, Kossi B Kounou & Frederick J Stoddard Jr

Alcohol Misuse Chapter

G.1 Alcohol misuse (872 KB PDF)
Joseph M Rey

G.2 Cannabis use and misuse (835 KB PDF)
Alan J Budney & Catherine Stanger

G.3 Other substance use (521 KB PDF)
Wai-Him Cheung, Anna Kit-sum Lam & Se-Fong Hung

Eating Disorders Chapter

H.1 Eating disorders (1782 KB PDF)
Jane Morris

FRENCH VERSION “Les troubles du comportement alimentaire
Editor: Priscille Gerardin. Translated by P. Gerardin  and M. Lasfar

H.2 Tic disorders (438 KB PDF)
Hannah Metzger, Sina Wanderer & Veit Roessner

Editor: Priscille Gerardin. Translated by V. Ferrafiat

H.3 Children with atypical gender development (393 KB PDF)
Louise Newman

H.4 Borderline personality disorder (471 KB PDF)
Lionel Cailhol, Ludovic Gicquel & Jean-Philippe Raynaud

H.5 Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders of early onset (604 KB PDF)
Jean Starling & Isabelle Feijo

FRENCH VERSION “Schizophrénie et autres troubles psychotiques à début précoce
Editor: Priscille Gerardin. Translated by B. Mirkovic

H.6 Problematic internet use (407 KB PDF)
Jane Pei-Chen Chang & Chung-Chieh Hung

Somatoform Disorders Chapter

I.1 Somatoform disorders (694 KB PDF)
Olivia Fiertag, Sharon Taylor, Amina Tareen & Elena Garralda

I.2 Epilepsy and related psychiatric conditions (432 KB PDF)
Eduardo Barragán Pérez

I.3 HIV AIDS – Addressing the mental health needs of affected children and families (1 MB PDF)
Tami D Benton, Anusha Lachman & Soraya Seedat

I.4 Sleep disorders in children and adolescents: A practical guide (1 MB PDF)
Samuele Cortese, Anna Ivanenko, Ujjwal Ramtekkar & Marco Angriman

Emergencies Chapter

J.1 Child and adolescent psychiatric emergencies (764 KB PF)
Carlo G Carandang, Clare Gray, Heizer Marval-Ospino & Shannon MacPhee

J.2 Traditional and alternative medicine treatments in child and adolescent mental health (501 KB PF)
Nerissa L Soh & Garry Walter

J.3 Forensic child and adolescent psychiatry (346 KB PF)
Erica van der Sloot & Robert Vermieren

J.4 The mental health of children facing collective adversity: poverty, homelessness, war and displacement (3813 KB PF)
Laura Pacione, Toby Measham, Rachel Kronick, Francesca Meloni, Alexandra Ricard-Guay, Cécile Rousseau & Monica Ruiz-Casares

J.5 Organizing and delivering services for child and adolescent mental health (525 KB PF)
Chiara Servili

J.6 Child and adolescent mental health policy (895 KB PF)
Gordon Harper

J.7 The United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child and implications for clinical practice, policy and research (809 KB PF)
Myron Belfer & Suzan Song

Editor: Joseph M. Rey, MD, PhD, FRANZCP

Editorial Advisory Board Associate Editors
  • Thomas M Achenbach, PhD
  • Daniel Fung, MD
  • Olayinka Omigbodun, MBBS, MPH, FMCPsych, FWACP
  • Luis A Rohde, MD
  • Chiara Servili, MD, MPH
  • Garry Walter, MD, PhD, FRANZCP
  • Ana Figueroa, MD
  • Jing Liu, MD
  • Sarah Mares, MD, FRANZCP
  • Andrés S Martin MD, MPH
  • Louise Newman, MD, PhD, FRANZCP
  • Cesar Soutullo, MD, PhD
  • Garry Walter, MD, PhD, FRANZCP
  • Florian Daniel Zepf, MD